Harmonic Filter TWH Series


The use of variable speed drives and other static power conversion equipment has grown rapidly in recent years. With this growth has come concern over the level of current harmonics generated by such equipment. Harmonic currents and the voltage distortion these currents create can have devastating effects on a power distribution system and its connected equipment.
Present methods of harmonic treatment (line reactors, multi-pulsed systems, tuned or broadband passive filter and active filter) are often unreliable, moderately effective or too costly. The innovative WHF harmonic filter is a proven advance in the area of passive harmonic mitigation. No other device on the market can meet the most stringent limits of IEEE STD 519 at an equivalent size and cost. When the application calls for a truly cost effective harmonic solution, the WHF harmonic filter is the only logical choice.


MODEL For Moter(Power) Nominal Voltage Frequency
TWH-4ㅁㅁㅁA(1) TWH-4008A 5 HP
450 VAC
60 Hz
TWH-4011A 7.5 HP
TWH-4015A 10 HP
TWH-4021A 15 HP
TWH-4ㅁㅁㅁA(2) TWH-4028A 20 HP
TWH-4035A 25 HP
TWH-4041A 30 HP
TWH-4053A 40 HP
TWH-4065A 50 HP
TWH-4ㅁㅁㅁA(3) TWH-4080A 60 HP
TWH-4105A 75 HP
TWH-4130A 100 HP
TWH-4ㅁㅁㅁA(4) TWH-4160A 125 HP
TWH-4190A 150 HP
TWH-4240A 200 HP
TWH-4310A 250 HP